M-Pesa Integration

Connect their systems, websites & mobile applications to M-Pesa allowing users to seamlessly send or receive money in Kenya using M-Pesa.

Our platform enables you to Perform surveys, & mobile banking transactions easily on your phone. Our M-Pesa payment API allows business organizations to connect their systems, websites & mobile applications to M-Pesa allowing users to seamlessly send or receive money in Kenya using M-Pesa. Our dynamic M-Pesa Payment API have user- friendly interactive features that provide an excellent platform to check transactions notifications in a secure way.

The integration platform has the following categories:

Developer APIs set

Represents requests made to the developer’s system commonly called the callback requests


This represents all requests that originate from the developer’s system to the M-Pesa system..

The following are some of the features user M-Pesa integration:

Business to Customer Transactions

Enables you to send money from your business to customers instantly. Process multiple requests from your business to your customers efficiently

Customer to Business (C2B)Transactions

This helps your business accept payments from your MPESA using Safaricom payment API through a Till number or Paybil

Business to Business (B2B) Transactions

This makes it easier to transfer money from your business to any other business mobile wallet using our MPESA integration service and Safaricom API. This ensures that all your B2B transactions are automated

Mobile STK Push checkout

You can Initiate C2B transactions by sending a request via USSD push to client devices. This allows consumers to make payments via Mpesa without the need to remember the payment procedure or leave your App

We can also offer Integration of M-Pesa Payments to Bulk SMS hence delivering a lot of benefits to your business. We can integrate this either using Safaricom API or using an android based mobile phone.

We can enable an incoming M-Pesa payments to trigger out a bulk SMS notification. This SMS can be used to:

Market your products

Thank the customer upon purchase

Request for customer satisfaction survey

Mine contacts from M-Pesa and automatically create a customer database

The following are the integrations made:

Integration of Paybill Account

Your business requires an M-Pesa Paybill account for integration of website, app or system with M-Pesa.

Content Production

Our copywriting team creates your website’s copy that is optimized for SEO and clearly communicates what you do to website visitors.

Back End Development

Our development team writes a specific computer code to integrate your system with the M-Pesa API.

API Call Testing

Testing is done after development to In order to establish communication between your system and the M-Pesa we conduct testing after development.


We launch the M-Pesa integration service is launched on your system after detailed testing making you ready to accept M-Pesa payments.

Most of the corporate companies are using our Bulk SMS Services to promote their product/service because everyone is using the mobile phones other than any other communication tool.

The following are the benefits

Easy to use & robust

We have developed robust dashboards for our M-Pesa payment integration to make it easy for your business to use during the day to day transaction

Expert help all the way

Our experts help in everything from configuring M-Pesa payment systems and your business organization systems and make the payment process seamless without requiring you to have programming skills.


We charge a one in a lifetime fee and a small maintenance fee whenever you need our help.